Sunday, April 22, 2012

Marx was quoted on Lenin's birthday by Comrade Anil

Birth of man is not creation of any divine power
A society based on  equity and justice is the only way for sustainable development to the benefit of whole mankind. The present day imperial powers led by the USA are imposing neoliberal economic policies on the developing countries in connivance with the elite in these countries. This has led to unprecedented inequality in the society, job freeze, cut on the rights of working people and essential services like health & education have become out of reach of common people. This has to be changed through mass movements. This was said by Shri Anil Rajimwale,  a  philosopher and Marxist thinker  while addressing a seminar organized by the Communist Party of India on “INDIA’S PATH OF DEVELOPMENT BASED ON JUSTICE AND EQUALITY”  on 22nd April, the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin the founder of socialism in Soviet Union. Incidentally 22nd April is observed as World Earth Day.  Life on earth has evolved through evolution in contradiction to the earlier concepts about creation of world. He said that Darwin, through his research proved that life has evolved through certain laws of nature. Birth of man is not creation of any divine power but evolution after millions of years of existence of life on earth. Mr Rajimwale told that taking clue from his work Karl Marx applied the theses on human society and searched about the problems in our society. Marx reached conclusion that vast majority of problems lay in inequalities created as a result of exploitation of man by man. These anomalies can be removed by man’s own efforts. He explained the industrial revolution and its impact on society, based on the studies of various new subjects from natural sciences and social sciences. He was the first to discover the laws of change in nature as well society. He explained the central role of labour in the creation and development of various stages of society. Mr Rajimwale emphasized that Marxist theory is revolutionary because according to it nothing in the world and society is stationary and everything changes. Therefore Marx drew logical conclusion that the capitalist society also must one day leave the stage of world history to be replaced by socialism and communism. Lenin applied this theory in Soviet Union and was successful in achieving a society based on justice to a large extent. The Soviet state supported all the progressive movements worldwide and helped the movements for liberation from the colonial powers. Many freedom fighters in our country drew inspiration from the Soviet revolution. The scientific theory of society’s development serves as a guiding force for these movements. 
Dr Arun Mitra
Assistant Secretary, CPI District Ludhiana
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