Monday, December 05, 2011

Manhandling a lady teacher

It shows, party’s arrogance, insensitivity, brutality
Chandigarh// December 5, 2011//Bureau Report
The disgraceful incident of Akali Sarpanch manhandling a lady teacher, epitomizes all that is wrong with Shiromani Akali Dal. It shows, party’s arrogance, insensitivity, brutality, rudeness and cowardice. It is a matter of absolute shame that the Akali Dal representative slapped someone who deserved respect on three counts i.e. she was a citizen, a woman and a teacher!.
Worst, it happened in front of the police force and other employees of the government who stood by doing nothing. Even after many hours of the incident, the government did not take any action. The fact, that the Sarpanch had the impudence to file a police complaint against the teacher and the government has not taken any action against him, shows that there is no remorse on either side.

The so called anger of the manhandler is beyond comprehension. The lady teacher was merely expressing her anger against patently unjust policies of the government. As a citizen she is entitled to do that. In fact, citizens inability to reach the government and express their grievances leads to such situations, where they are left with no options but with a slim hope that of conveying their demands when they meet their reprsentatives during the latter’s public appearances. But there too, the so called leaders are surrounded by a battery of police personnel who ruthless push and shove everyone away.

The PPP strongly condemns the incident and calls for strictest possible action against the sarpanch and the police officials on duty who kept on watching the whole incident without intervening even when the lady was being brutally thrashed. What is also staggering is the silence of Mrs Harsimrat Kaur Badal. The incident happened in her public appearance and as a woman, a Member Parliament and as a member of the ruling family of the state, she should have empathized with the gross injustice and inhumanity involved in this incident. Instead of taking prompt, stern and exemplary action, she has chosen to observe perfect silence.

A government and leaders, who cannot show respect and dignity to its citizens, has no right to represent its people.

If voted to power....!

Shaheed Bhagat Singh rozgar yojna
Neta Ji Subhash Chander Bose health insurance 
Manpreet Singh Badal promised many more benefits
File photo:The Eagle Eye News
So as to ameliorate the living conditions of those inflicted with life threatening diseases like diabetes and cancer, Manpreet Singh Badal, President of People's Party of Punjab (PPP) today promised to offer an insurance of three lakh rupees. 
Addressing a rally at Ropar on Sunday, the PPP President said that if voted to power, the PPP will offer insurance of upto three lakh rupees for those belonging to ecnomically weaker section, suffering from such dreaded diseases. Manpreet said that it's government will spend 200 crores on this project which will be termed as "Netaji Subhash Chander Bose" health insurance scheme.
Manpreet added that certain belts of Punjab, especially Malwa area has Punjabis suffering from water borne diseases including cancer. As a fallout of contaminated water, people living in this area are suffering from cancer and other life threatening diseases.
Manpreet said that the PPP will not only offer insurance upto three lakhs but also ensure that the menace of contaminated water is removed from Punjab. This is not the first scheme that Manpreet has promised to make available for those belonging to economically challenged sections.
Manpreet in the recent past had promised to offer one lakh jobs for youths each year under the Shaheed Bhagat Singh rozgar yojna. Also, he had promised that PPP will get a fixed deposit of Rs 5,000 in the name of a newly born girl child in Punjab. The fixed deposit will be made available after twenty years.
Manpreet SIngh Badal said that if Punjab has to rise, the people living in the Punjab and those who remain deprived from basic amenities owing to financial constraints need to be empowered and made self dependent.
He said that not only jobs will be made availabe to youths but also PPP's endeavour will be to make the public independent by providing small business opportunities for Punjabis.
He added that PPP will also guarantee that the Police force serves the public and is not reduced to a political tool.