Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Soldiers Work With Afghan Border Police

By Air Force Staff Sgt. Stephen Otero 
Special to
American Forces Press Service

KHOST PROVINCE, Afghanistan, : On a rugged mountaintop bordering Pakistan, less than two miles from Northern Waziristan, sits Combat Outpost Chergotah in Afghanistan's Khost province.

Here, U.S. Army soldiers work with Afghan border policemen to sustain border security and maintain peace among local people.

The soldiers and policemen secure the area with a fierce drive and a wealth of firepower.

"At Chergotah, we help provide security for Afghan contractors building the [combat outpost], and my duty as a gunner is to make sure that if we are attacked, I gain fire superiority as quick as possible to eliminate the threat, using heavy weaponry," said Army Spc. Ryan Harris.

Harris serves as a heavy weapons gunner with Company D, 3rd Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment, part of the 25th Infantry Division's 4th Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Richardson, Alaska.

Mine-resistant, ambush -protected vehicles with common remotely operated weapons stations are a vital piece of weaponry to keep security within the area. Heavy-weapons platforms such as .50-caliber machine guns and Mark 19 grenade launchers are combined with precision computer video targeting systems controlled from behind a 10-inch screen that the gunner observes while tucked inside the vehicle.

While the advanced weaponry gives the soldiers the advantage against insurgents, they routinely leave the protection of their MRAP vehicles to connect with the local people. The unit conducts daily, dismounted security patrols led by the platoon sergeant and platoon leader.

"My duty as a platoon sergeant is to take care of my men," said Army Sgt. 1st Class Joseph De Lage, a platoon sergeant with Company D. "I do this by resupplying them with food, water, ammo, and by ensuring they have a good security plan in place to protect themselves and their Afghan counterparts."

While the platoon sergeant works to ensure the safety of his soldiers and the Afghan border policemen, the impact the servicemembers have on the area's civilian population is not lost.

"I believe our presence makes a difference locally," De Lage said.

Army 1st Lt. Jason Cumiford, a platoon leader in Company D, said the soldiers and policemen must find the best way to secure the trust of local residents. They find the enemy, separate them from residents, and defeat them.

However, Cumiford added, the U.S. soldiers' most important task is to ensure the Afghan border police are competent, well trained and able to defeat the enemy by themselves, and that they are trusted by the Afghan people. 

Forces in Afghanistan Kill, Detain Militants

By American Forces Press Service

: Afghan and international forces in Afghanistan killed or detained numerous militants today in various operations, military officials reported.
In an operation led by the Afghan general directorate of special operations, several known instigators of a kidnapping group were detained.

The Afghan force, supported by International Security Assistance Force troops, detained the men after a search in Police District 5 of the Afghan capital. The suspects are linked to kidnappings in and around the city.

In other operations, a combined Afghan-international force in Paktia killed several militants, including a Taliban commander responsible for several bombing attacks. The force also detained two other militants.

The force moved to a compound west of the village of Goldad Kheyl in the Zurmat district after intelligence confirmed militant activity in the area. The security force encountered resistance and killed the Taliban commander and the militants.

In Zabul province, a combined security force killed a militant, wounded another and captured a third after intelligence sources indicated a Taliban target was in the Jeldak district near the village of Fuladgay.

Another Afghan-international force in Nangarhar province captured two suspected militants, including a Taliban weapons trafficker responsible for several attacks.

The force searched a compound north of the village of Dag Kalay in the Acheen district after intelligence detected militant activities. After an extensive search, the combined force found rocket-propelled grenade propellants, then detained the militants.

In Wardak province, a combined security force apprehended several suspected militants in the village of Zamooch in the Sayed Abad district after intelligence sources reported militant activities.

(From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command news release.) 

Iraqi Forces Arrest 7 Terrorism Suspects

By American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON : Iraqi security forces working with U.S. advisors arrested seven terrorism suspects today during two security operations, military officials reported.
Four suspects were arrested in Rashidiyah, north of Mosul, during an operation conducted to arrest a suspected al-Qaida in Iraq member believed responsible for suicide-vest attacks in Balad and Muqdadiyah.

Evidence collected at the scene led Iraqi forces to arrest four suspected criminal associates of the al-Qaida in Iraq member without incident.

In southern Baghdad, Iraqi forces arrested a suspected member of a Kataib Hezbollah explosives cell believed to be responsible for mortar attacks conducted in September against security forces and civilians in the Basra region and two suspected accomplices.

After conducting preliminary questioning and examining evidence at the scene, Iraqi forces arrested the alleged Kataib Hezbollah member and his accomplices without incident.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq news releases.)

Now the full text of letter to Rebiya Kadeer by her family members

Recently in cyber media you may have watched a letter from  Rebiya Kadeer to Rector Kathuria. After talking about Rebia Kadeer, her desire and This Letter now I want to tell about another letter which was written to Rebiya by her family members. Following is the full text of a letter to Rebiya Kadeer, written by her children living in China and signed by some of her relatives on July 24. The letter was originally written in Uygur language and releades to media in the first week of August 2009. 
Dear mother,
    This letter is written by your son Khahar and daughter Roxingul, together with your younger brother Memet Kadeer.
 You once were the richest person in Xinjiang just because you were granted a lot of business opportunities and convenience by the Communist Party of China and the Government. But, despite repeated leniency of the Party and the Government, you ended up in prison under other people's enticement. You were allowed to go to the United States thanks to, once again, our government's leniency. You pledged to our government not to participate in any separatist activity before you departed for the United States. You broke your words anyway.
 Mother! We all long for a stable life. In Xinjiang, which is like a big family to people of different ethnic groups, none of us has ever experienced a violent incident as cruel as what happened on July 5 (in Urumqi). Because of you, so many innocent people lost their lives in Urumqi on July 5, and so many houses, shops and vehicles were burnt or damaged. The harmony and unity among ethnic groups were undermined. Why does this happen?

  Xinjiang is a happy home to the people of various ethnic groups. It is impossible for anyone to simply destroy it, nor will the people forgive anyone who damages their homes. Mother, despite so many things you have done, the Government treats us very nicely. We are often told, "Your mother is responsible for things she did. It has nothing to do with you."
 Because you went to the United States immediately after you were released on parole, you have no idea how much Xinjiang has changed. People are living a good life here. There are no difference between ethnic groups so long as you're willing to work hard. There are many Uygur millionaires and countless new buildings in Urumqi, and Uygur people enjoy various preferential policies from the government. Isn't this the result of good policy of the Government?
 No one wants this happy home destroyed. Please think about the happiness of us and your grandchildren. Don't destroy the stable and happy life in Xinjiang. Don't follow the provocation from some people in other countries. We still miss the mother who cared about us before going to jail. The last thing we want is that our mother is condemned by the people of all ethnic groups.

    Khahar (son of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Memet (younger brother of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Roxingul (daughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Kheser Hapiz (son-in-law of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Kadilya Kheser (granddaughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Rizya Kadeer (adopted daughter of Rebiya Kadeer's daughter)
    Zukhila Kadeer (older sister of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Aydida Khahar (granddaughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Aygul (daughter-in-law of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Dildar Khahar (granddaughter of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Zulpkhar (grandson of Rebiya Kadeer)
    Sarda (grandson of Rebiya Kadeer)

Familly asked her not to organize violence or undermine the peaceful life in Xinjiang. Family also said Rebiya Kadeer and  World Uygur Congress (WUC) violence which took more than 200 innocent people dead, several thousand others injured, hundreds of vehicles burnt and severe damage to people's properties.

Six men who were convicted of murder and other crimes in the July 5 riot were
sentenced to death after a first-instance trial, and another man was jailed for life on October 12, 2009.