Thursday, August 25, 2011

‘Six Vidarbha Farmers suicides reported in last 48 hours

Anna Urged to raise farmers on Going Genocide in his Civil Movement'
Nagpur- Dated 25th August 2011
When all media and political along with billions of Indian are deeply concerned Anna Hazare fast unto death which entered in to 10th day demanding stringent and effective Anti graft law ,the six more victims of India’s economic corruption at the policy reported from vidarbha farm suicide capital of India as six farmer suicide reported v.i.z.
1.Kaniram Jadhav of Krishnanagar in Yavatmal
2.Pramod Gawande of Lotwada in Amaravati
3.Nitin Fale of Masa in Akola
4.Purshottam Pakhan of Muradevi in Amaravati
5.Sheikh Anwar of Pangarkhed in Buldhana
6.Santosh Raut of Malegoan in Washim
in 48 hours taking toll to 24 in August and 495 in 2011, Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha 
‘Even vidarbha cotton farmers of farm suicide capital of India has supported Anna Agitation at all village level,we have been demanding stringent law to stop on mass genocide of innocent farmers who are victim of wrong policies of Indian Govt. supported by UPA and NDA both hence very accountable and effective ‘LOKPAL’ comes to the office there is no provision to economic corruption related to free trade , development of land market, privatization water, entry of GM Seed and GM food , takeover of agriculture ,retail and key service sector by MNCs where all decision are taken with heavy corruption and ill managed law makers and policy planers hence country needs stringent law to stop these malpractices which are depriving 90% population from basic needs like food ,shelter, health care, education and employment but this serious issue is completely ignored in Anna Agitation hence we have been urging Team Anna to in list demand of economic corruption at policy and permit level and millions of distressed debt trapped farmers suicides will continue ’Tiwari added.
‘in fact rural India’s 70% population of farmers ,tribal and land labors are real victims of massive economic corruption due to wrong policies of state .the well-established policies of giving subsidies, license and free trade ,globalization ,GM food and privatization of health care, education and rural employment are basic issues of corruption which are beyond scope individual base and policy base corruption hence Anna demand even it is conceded today will same fate that was of first lokpal bill 1069 hence present momentum and public unrest is right opportunity for civil society to uproot this US-UK-USSR BASE corrupt political rulers system to allow young generation to take over the power .India needs change and Anna’s civil movement can do it other wise bloody revolution will follow hence Team Anna should expand demand and get ready for long fight as common man is behind them,Tiwari added.
Even after 66 years of so called freedom 90% population is denied food, shelter, healthcare ,education and forced to die due to starvation ,despair and distress then there is need to change system and policies and year 2011 is set to have that change and Anna Hazare’s movement against graft is the beginning of that revolution and we urged all section to civil society to join the second freedom movement in order to save million of dying vidarbha farmers and tribal who are innocent victims of this post-independence hostile systematic political and administrative corruption , Kishore Tiwari said
“2,30,000 Indian farmers suicides in last decade is largest genocide in world history of mankind is result of on going corruption at high level that is resulting in wrong anti-poor and farmer policies and vidarbha is capital of that genocide hence our protest and support to anti-graft agitation is much more valid and legitimate hence to echo this mass genocide in all civil disobedience agitation we have been participating and extending support actively and this time too we are joining Team Anna for the same ”Tiwari added.
‘If Annaji can sacrifice life then why we should not spare come on the road to make ‘corruption free India’ ,we have decided that whole vidarbha agrarian community will join the agitation along with civil society to take issue to the final conclusion’ Mohan Jadhav of Vidarbha Janandolan Samiti informed.