Thursday, February 03, 2011

Remembering Dr. Inderjeet Singh

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa,
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,
Dear Gursikh Veerji & Bhenji
In 1908, the passion to uplift the Sikh Panth led to the creation of Punjab & Sindh Bank. (It was a part of the Gurdwara Sudhar movement.)
With his far-sighted visionary friends like Bhai Vir Singh, Sunder Singh and Tarlochan Singh they created this bank.
To honour such great people and to change lives of several in the panth, Sukrit Trust has embarked upon a unique mission "KIRAT CARNIVAL"

Panth Ratan, Dr. Inderjeet Singh
Founder of Punjab & Sindh Bank

A movement to counter drugs and depression by promoting work 
culture in Punjab was started here today under the auspices of 
Sukrit Trust.Dedicated to the birth centenary of Legendary 
Banker and Nation Builder, Dr. Inderjeet Singh,former Chairman, 
Punjab and Sind Bank, the Sukrit Trust is organizing Kirat 
Carnival 2011. 
More than two lac students are expected to participate in 7 
different competitions as well as events like 
panel discussion, debates etc.
S Jaswinder Singh Khalsa UK, Chairman of the Organizing 
Committee disclosed that as many as 100 seminars will be 
organized on Kirat Culture and the various dimensions of 
smart and hard work as a way of life among the youth. Of 
these about 60 seminars will be in Punjab, 30 in rest of 
the country and rest 10 in USA, Canada, UK and other 
European countries.
The National Organizing Secretary of Kirat Carnival 2011, 
Dr.Renuka Sarabjeet Singh said that the Kirat Carnival will 
emphasize on the fact that we are what we think. Who assume 
defeat are defeated and who imagine victory, win the battles 
of life. Work is the panacea of all our ills as it gives a 
genuine feeling of fulfillment.
The colorful brochure of the Carnival was released here by 
eminent social workers S. Ujagar Singh and S Sukhbir Singh. 
It is noteworthy that Dr Inderjeet Singh was a legendary 
banker in the history of modern India who pioneered in 
small lending and agricultural loans. He provided employment 
to over 18,000 youth. He focused on opening the branches of 
bank in the rural areas of Punjab.
The enthusiasm of Dr. Inderjeet Singh can be guessed 
from the fact that he started a new bank – 
Bank of Punjab - in 1995, 
when he was at the age of 84 years.


  1. Panth Rattan Dr Inderjit Singh je was NOT the founder of PUNJAB & SIND BANK established in 1908,as mentioned below the photo of Doctor Saheb shown above. He started BANK OF PUNJAB in 1995 is correctly mentioned.The contribution of Doctor Saheb towards Social work for uplifting the society,Education and the efforts made for betterment of Sikhism is remarkable and shall be remembered for ever.RANA JASWANT SINGH

  2. Panth Rattan Dr.Inderjeet Singh jee,a Social worker,Educationist,Seasoned Administrator,a dedicated Banker started BANK OF PUNJAB in 1995 is correct,but is NOT the founder of PUNJAB & SIND BANK established in 1908 as mentioned above below the photo of Doctor Saheb. His contributions to Punjab & Sind Bank,the services rendered for Sikhism etc. are remarkable and shall be remembered always.RANA JASWANT SINGH.