Friday, August 20, 2010

9/11 Terrorist Tapes Found Under CIA Desk

CIA Found Video of 9/11 Plotter Ramzi Binalshibh Being Interrogated 
in Secret Prison
New images of accused 9/11 architect Ramzi Binalshibh
have been obtained by Flashpoint Global..
The CIA has tapes of 9/11 plotter Ramzi Binalshibh being interrogated in a secret overseas prison. Discovered under a desk, the recordings could provide an unparalleled look at how foreign governments aided the U.S. in holding and questioning suspected terrorists.
The two videotapes and one audiotape are believed to be the only remaining recordings made within the clandestine prison system.
The tapes depict Binalshibh’s interrogation sessions at a Moroccan-run facility the CIA used near Rabat in 2002........

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