Saturday, November 19, 2011

The aneurysm was like a time bomb

Another life saved by Dr.Bedi at CMC H
Ludhiana//November 19//Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria
Dr HS Bedi with patient Tejinder Singh,the Heart Team and the special blood saving machine
An innovative invention along with timely and skilled vascular surgery has helped in saving the life of Tejinder Kumar - a vegetable seller of Fazilka. He sustained a fracture of his collar bone (clavicle) due to an accident. The bone bent inwards and damaged the subclavian artery (which supplies the hand) producing a swelling due to an aneurysm – a weakness of the artery. The swelling started to compress his air pipe (trachea) leading to difficulty in breathing. He was referred to Dr Harinder Singh Bedi– Head of Cardio Vascular Endovascular and Thoracic Surgery at the Christian Medical College and Hospital, Ludhiana. On examination and further investigation it was found that the aneurysm was like a time bomb and could burst at any time with fatal consequences. He underwent a vascular surgery. On opening the swelling there was a massive leak of blood at high pressure. This was sucked into a special sterile machine which has been specially developed at the CMC and H using innovative measures. About 2.5 litres of precious blood which would have been wasted was transfused back into the patient. The aneurysm was reapired and Tejinder is now well.
The other members of the team are Dr Allen Joseph, Dr Arun Gupta, Dr Paul SudhakarDr Udeyana Singh, Dr Saurabh, Dr Deepa Thomas. Dr Bedi said that the intricacies of the machine were handled by Mr Jairus Wilson and William P Sagar along with Mr Mathew. Mr Jairus and Mr William are the senior most perfusionists in Punjab.
Dr Abraham G Thomas – Director of CMC & H – said that it was the excellent team work plus the innovation of the heart team that had allowed a safe surgery in such a complicated case.

Next date of hearing is fixed for 27.01.2011

High court notice to DU on M.A.(Music) admission criteria
New Delhi// November 19//
Delhi High Court (A.K.Sikri ACJ & Rajeev Sahai Endlaw J) on Friday has issued notices to Delhi University, Faculty of Music & Fine Arts, Ramjas College and Shri Avinash Kumar Jha on the petition filed by Ms. Babita Rawat through Advocate Ashok Agarwal questioning the validity of the admission criteria for M.A. (Music) (Hindustani Vocal) which solely based on 100% performance at the Entrance Test.  “Rule 3 of the Rules, Regulations and Eligibility Conditions for admissions 2011-12 in M.A. (Music) (Hindustani) whereby the merit list is drawn solely on the basis of performance at the entrance test (practical) is arbitrary, discriminatory, unjust, illegal, unconstitutional, violative of Articles 14, 15 & 21 of the Constitution of India read with the provisions of Delhi University Act, 1922”, argued Mr. Agarwal.

The petitioner states that she has been denied admission in M.A.(Music) despite the fact that she secured 63% marks in aggregate in B.A.(Music) in the academic year 2011-12 while studying in Ramjas College. She also stated that Avinash Kumar Jha who was not eligible to be even registered for the course has not only been selected but also granted admission in M.A.(Music) in Ramjas College.

“Merit list is drawn solely on the basis of the performance in the entrance test (practical).No written test is taken at all.  Even no record of entrance test (practical) is prepared and maintained by the Selection Committee. The decisions to select candidates are solely at the whims and fancies of the members of the Committee. Such a criteria is open to discrimination, favoritism, arbitrariness and therefore, impermissible in law”, submitted Mr. Agarwal.

Next date of hearing is fixed for 27.01.2011.

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