Thursday, April 07, 2011

Corruption cannot be eradicated from a country like India..!

Anna Hazare Calling
The old man, Anna Hazare should not put his precious life on the block for this  LOK PAL thing......the issue has been coming up, time and again ,for the last 42 years, and a whole lot of Governments headed by various political parties have wielded power at the center as well as the states during this period but no one has been willing to get this bill passed by the parliament......why?  Because all these political dispensations, have vested interests in maintaining the status quo.....and for all you know the govt. of the day will find out a way to wriggle out of this political impasse ,make some promises and offer some platitudes, to the old man and his supporters, and get him to break his fast by offering him a glass of orange juice ,and there the matter will rest, till someone gets a brain wave to get in to the lime light once again...........and on the TV screens for their fifteen minutes of glory.........the bottom line is that corruption cannot be eradicated from a country like India...the is simply impossible.....!!

                                                                                                --DR. M K BAJAJ