Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dr Rajinder Giani inaugurated a new block

Ludhiana: A new Cardiology block at Christian Medical College was inaugurated on Friday March 11 by the Dr Rajinder Giani, Chairman of CMC Ludhiana Society. Dedication of the block was done by Orthodox Bishop His Hg. Gheevarghese Marcoorilos. Dr Abraham G Thomas, Director, Christian Medical College & Hospital informed that the new Cardiology wing includes a 15 bedded ICCU, a step down unit and Cardiology ward with state of the art facilities with Cardiac monitoring & Telemetry system.. The new unit also consists of a new Noninvasive Cardiology lab and an academic wing...
Dr Rajneesh Calton, Professor & Head of Cardiology department informed that with commencement of the new Cardiology wing there will be facilities available for performing increasing number of procedures like Coronary angiography, Coronary angioplasty and Stenting, Pacemaker &  ICD implantations and Cardiac Electrophysiological studies. Dr.Calton informed that patients with acute heart attack need to have the blocked coronary arteries opened at the earliest,preferably within 90 minutes of.the onset of chest pain. The new state of the art ICCU at the new wing is attached to the Cath Lab will be especially beneficial for such patients presenting with heart attack.He informed that a second cath lab is also being installed at the new wing.--Shalu Arora and Rector Kathuria

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